Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sunshine and Showers

Looks like today could be a brighter day! Its a bit overcast at the moment but hoping the sun might creep through later :)

Ended up with a headache from hell last night but it seems its just tiredness catching up with me... had a fairly good night although still turning over onto my side....

Thanks to Sara for the tip on the pillow... I remember I was allowed to do that when I had my first hip replacement but its not been recommended this time... just the whole 'you must sleep on your back for 6 weeks'... I shall certainly check...

Just had my brekky and Redbush tea... If you've not tried Redbush tea, its certainly has a distinctive taste and doesn't have any caffeine which I'm trying to cut down on (another reason for my headaches maybe). My usual tea intake per day is probably about 10-15 cups which is quite a bit so gonna try and switch to Redbush for part of that, and drink more water/juice

I'm also going to be having my first shower in just over 2 weeks... yeah I know I feel like a right minger! Last shower was on the morning of my op and then had to wait until the clips came out and scar was fully healed... I am sooo looking forward to it! It'll be on the bath board so won't be the same as a proper shower but its definitely the next best thing!

Rest of the day I'm not sure what I'll be up to.. see how I feel when I'm no longer minging hehe

If the sun comes out later then I'll have a sit in the garden.. maybe even have a pimms ;)

H x

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