Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Ying 'n' Yang

Morning all!

I've just had my first lie in, in gawd knows how long! It was soo nice, snuggled up in the quilt with the air con breezing over me.. talk about snug as a bug in a rug!

That's the thing I like about having the air con... when I close my eyes the noise of the louvres moving back and forward sounds like waves coming in on a beach.. and the feeling of the breeze against my cheeks... certainly helps you off to the land of nod!

So anyway, I felt refreshed this morning. Anaethestetic is finally out of my system and I'd had a proper natural sleep. Hubby popped up to help me with things and announced that I had a cuppa tea waiting for me downstairs... that our parrot had made it for me with a little help from him lol

Off I hobble down the stairs, doing the routine of holding on to the bannister, crutch down first followed by the operated leg, then good leg and noticing that I have a couple of toes poking out of my fashionable anti-embolism stockings. I feel so funky!!

It then dawns on me that I have a friends wedding this Saturday, and my stockings are definitely NOT going to go with the dress I have in mind.. Oh that's OK, I just won't wear them for that... but Hubby informs me that I will be wearing my stockings... that my health is more important than me looking good... BUGGER!

For those of you who've never had to wear these stockings... they're not bad if you're a funky kinda person.. or want to go for that school girl look... I've even worn them with shorts and looked quite trendy but usually you want to hide them under trousers.

They are knee high stockings with a peep toe... Teal in colour, so yes they're better than the white/flesh coloured ones they used to dish out, but teal is a colour more suited to wallpaper. I should know cos its the colour we have in our bedroom. Anyone would think I took my last pair to B&Q and had them colour match! Hmmm, maybe I did?... Who knows! I can't remember..

Anyway, I can't think of a single dress that they will go with. I can't wear trousers at the moment with swelling/scar and besides I want to wear a dress! Have been banned from doing any more shopping (mixture of not working at mo and needing 2 wardrobes & chest of drawers to house current collection in) so I'm in a bit of a dilemma as to what to wear...

Oh well, that dilemma will have to wait as I have another on my hands.... what to have for brekkie.. muesli and banana I think.. along with my 2nd cuppa tea..

Shall say bye for now.... no doubt I'll be back soon..x

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