Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Matchsticks Please!!

Awww I need some matchsticks this morning... had a fairly rough night. One of the things I have to do after having my hip replacement is sleep on my back for 6 weeks and its a nightmare!

I started off sleeping slightly sat up but had back ache. Then slept in the recliner chair but ended up with serious neck ache so have been trying the bed again. Its not been too bad but last couple of nights I have been turning over onto my side which has woken me up. Have tried putting pillows either side but my body is determined to turn over so I think I'm gonna have to try sitting up again or its back to the recliner!

If I was near the end of the 6 weeks I wouldn't be so worried but as I'm only 2 weeks post op it's a little scary as I could be damaging the replacement or even worse, it could dislocate. I certainly don't want dislocation as its not a case of popping the joint back in... it means another op!

So that's my morning whinge! Shall go in search of food and hopefully wake up a bit more...

Catch ya laters!

H x

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