Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hot Footing It To Surgery ;)

So the day of surgery arrived in all its glory... a sunny winters day, pavements covered in a light dusting of frost...

I had planned a grand breakfast, toasted muffins, streaky bacon topped with eggs benedict.  

Unfortunately with everything else going on, it didn't quite work out that way.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Broken Of Britain Response To DLA Reform Consultation

The coalition government have continued slowly turning the screws on disabled people, a task started by the previous government.  Harsh cuts to existing benefits and services announced through an eager media have created a climate of fear for Britain’s disabled people.  Despite that, when finally announced, the changes to Disability Living Allowance were sweeping in a way some had feared but not expected.  D L A will cease to exist in 2013-14, replaced by the Personal Independence Payment (PIP).  PIP is supposed to be simpler than DLA, although much of the perceived complexity is due to a wider lack of understanding of the nature of disability.  In this context, what simpler really means is cheaper – especially as the plans are to cut 20% of the DLA caseload.  This cut will be needed to pay for incredibly costly reassessments to people with conditions with no hope of recovery such as quadriplegia or degenerative genetic diseases.  There is a clear indicator of intent to limit entitlement in the words ‘focusing on those with greatest support needs’