Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sun, Snow Patrol & Squeals

The chicken fajitas were lush as always! Tried it with creme fraiche this time instead of sour cream and yum! Might try doing some lamb fajitas one day with creme fraiche & mint.. see how it turns out.

If you don't know by now, you'll soon learn that I love my food. I earnt the nickname Miss Piggy from my Nan... I would imagine human dustbin would also suffice hehe.

My mum used to be a chef before a scooter accident cut short her career. The saying that nothing beats a home cooked meal definitely applies to my mum. I love her cooking, especially when she does a roast or meatballs... and its fair to say that I share her passion in the kitchen (along with sampling the delights... chefs' priviledge!)

Anyway.... now that I'm suitably stuffed with fajitas, I am sat in the garden listening to a mixture of sounds..... Snow Patrol on the ipod.... blackbirds & sparrows twittering from the apple tree.... and kids squealing in delight as they finish school. We literally have a school playground at the bottom of our garden which is nice because we are not overlooked and sometimes its nice to sit and listen to the kids at playtime... running around without a care in the world. I find it quite relaxing, especially as sometimes I'm a big kid at heart!

Music has changed to Pussycat Dolls... Jai Ho... love this tune! Although noticed recently that instead of it being Pussycat Dolls, the focus is more on Nicole Scherzinger.... and while I know she is the lead singer, in the Jai Ho video it seems like the rest of the crew are backing dancers.

I so wanna get up and have a dance but I know full well with my hip the strength it is at the moment I will fall straight on my ass! lol

Oooh another good tune! Kosheen - Damage! Love it! The dark vocals of Sian Evans are just captivating! Oooh gawd.. I'm getting all deep here lmao!

Shall leave you to it while I go indulge in some more tunes..

H x

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