Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Restless Ranting

Well I managed to have brekky... honey nut cornflakes & banana, and got myself dressed.

Feeling very restless today.. weather doesn't help as the sun has buggered off, replaced by rain and my joints are having a good old whinge!

I'm only 2 weeks post op and have another 4 weeks to go so I know I'm gonna have to come up with a plan of action to stop myself from climbing the walls.

The worst parts for me are lack of sleep as I need to sleep on my back and my body is thinking otherwise. The other is not being as active as I usually am... Not even allowed to push a vacuum cleaner around. I miss working, I miss earning money and it certainly adds towards making you feel useless.

Sooo what to do to turn it around.... well for starters I'll munch on a satsuma.. that always makes me feel better... :-)

The thing I need to concentrate on the most is my recovery... building muscles back up and from there everything else will slot into place... energy levels, mood etc...

Anyone else been in a similar dilemma?

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  1. i had my hip replacement 2 years ago...they let me sleep on my side in the hospital if i put a pillow between my knees...don't know if that's allowed with you or not...but it worked for me