Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Busting a Move!

Today has got a little better.... I've taken it easy and as frustrating as it has been , I've also relived a magical moment... the moment Diversity won Britain's Got Talent.

I first saw Diversity a couple of years back at a fashion show in Camberley. Their routines then were imaginative and breath taking so when I saw them audition for BGT I was chuffed to bits.

They were previously known as Swift Moves and became Diversity in 2007 when they merged with the younger members.

Their opening audition at BGT was inspired by a family friend, Sylvie Lewis, who sadly died from cancer in 2006.

After making their way through to the semi-finals they upped their game, including a cheeky telephone box scene with a 'vote for Diversity'

The final proved to be a jaw dropping performance, including a hilarious poke at the judges and made them winners of BGT 2009.

Since first seeing them in 2007, they have certainly grown in confidence in both their performance and ideas... and Mitchell doesn't need to keep pulling his trousers up ;)

I used to love dancing, and as a child was a regular at the Diamond Dance Centre in North Camp. Although I had to stop lessons with my arthritis throwing a tantrum, it didn't stop my passion so when I see the likes of Diversity win such prestigious recognition... my heart skips a beat!

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