Monday, 6 July 2009


Ok... so the time is almost 1.45pm and I'm still sat here in my dressing gown! I feel bad writing that fact but also with a slightly "and?" feeling.. I had a lie in until 10am and felt good for it.. got up with all intentions of getting dressed, having brekky, taking meds and then getting on with some housework (only a little bit as I'm still only 3 and a bit weeks post op)

Instead I had brekky (good start!), then took meds (even better!) but thats where its stopped...

I know I need to get my arse out of this chair.. in fact I'm sat here thinking well why don't you stop writing and get your arse up..

Truth is..... I feel like I have no energy.. I have been walking around a bit without my crutches but now my quads (more specifically and for those in the know.. the vastus lateralis) are saying they're at their limit and I need to use at least one of my crutches...

So I know that thats going to limit what I can do but maybe thats a good thing because it means I don't overdo it... and hubby did leave strict instructions that I wasn't to overdo things!

Ok then... thats settled then... I've had my rant... I feel slightly better and so I shall go get dressed and see what activites I can partake in with one crutch...

Catch ya laters!

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