Monday, 15 June 2009

First of many I hope...

Well I finally got round to signing up to one of these things... For many years I have kinda wanted to share my experiences as someone who not only enjoys writing but also as someone who has a long term medical condition. In my case its a condition called juvenile idiopathic arthritis, which basically means I was diagnosed with a childhood form of rheumatoid arthritis when I was 3 years old, and its affected a majority of my joints.

One place its not affected is my mouth as I have more rabbit than Sainsburys, but it has affected my vocal chords which means every so often I sound like I am on helium... hilarious to those around me!

The arthritis itself has been in remission since I was 12 thanks to a combination of drugs, Methotrexate (a form of chemotherapy) and Deflazacort (a form of steroid). Unfortunately, it was also an aggressive form of arthritis so the damage was done to my joints and I've had some of them replaced (cue Bionic Woman!!)

Latest one was 12 days ago, a total left hip replacement. It was a success and I had my clips taken out today which feels soooo good! Now starts the hard work... building the muscles back up...

So anyway that's it from me for now... no doubt I will pop back later... I'm guessing these blogs things kinda work from random thoughts... at least that's the way I'm gonna look at it so if I start going off on a tangent, slap me back down to earth!

Bye for now!

H x

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