Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cotton Wool Head

OK, so maybe I spoke too soon about the anaesthetic being out of my system cos I now have cotton wool head... Hubby reckons its just my blondeness coming back! Cheeky sod ;)

Head hurts right at the front and I could so easily kick back in the recliner and have 40 winks but I won't... Why? cos I'm stubborn plus its a gorgeous day outside and I don't wanna miss any of it.
On my 3rd cuppa tea of the day so that should make a difference although usually by now I've had at least 5.. I'm slacking!
So far my day has been kinda relaxing... had brekky, took meds including the disgusting aspirin, although it tastes better dissolved in lemonade or cream soda and then got dressed.
Todays attire is simple.... usual teal knee high stockings, not forgetting the peep toe bit, and a bottle green strapless dress.. just need a big summer hat for that bohemian look ;)

My cards arrived from http://www.moonpig.com/ and they are amusing! I set up an account with Moonpig a while back but since then have started to make my own cards. With Fathers Day, a Pearl Anniversary and Wedding coming up I decided I was going to give beautiful handmade cards.. except it didn't work out that way, I couldn't get the old grey matter focused and the days have slipped by.. So when I got an email from Moonpig reminding me I still had £19 in my account, the light bulb pinged on and I did the next best thing...

Quite chuffed with them and even though they don't beat a handmade card, they're certainly different!
So that's about it from me for now.. chicken in the oven... making fajitas later.. yum!
Bye for now..

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