Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy Nails It!!

I love having a read of other peoples blogs.. some are quite amusing and others are a definite eye-opener!

The next one I would describe as jaw dropping because in all my years of having arthritis, no-one has ever come close to describing it just how this guy does....

He goes by the name of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy and has a 60-Second Guide To RA.....

Below is a taster... with the full version being available in PDF from his website

Okay, let’s pretend that your body is Gotham City. Your immune system
is Batman. Your joints? Well, they are tiny bat signals. Batman -
thinking that Gotham City is being invaded - is forever going to all the
bat signals and attacking everything in the vicinity, leaving behind lots of
damage. (He never seems to realize that these bat signals are actually
false alarms.)

No words can accurately describe the physical pain that is caused by
rheumatoid arthritis. (Although this mental image, for me, does come
close: A Mack truck ran over me. And then it backed up, and ran over me
again!) Rheumatoid arthritis pain is chronic and is not something that
can be easily fixed with just an aspirin. This pain can be one of the most
crippling aspects of living with RA.

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