Thursday, 13 August 2009

Picture This!

‘Let’s Work Together’ is the theme for World Arthritis Day 2009.

The aim of this project is to provide inspiring pictures of people with rheumatic diseases who have found ways to work, despite of some of the challenges they may face because of their condition.

These positive photo-stories will be used to:

  • Inspire other people with rheumatic diseases and encourage them to work together with employers and co-workers, as well as the health professionals who treat them, to ensure they are fit for work, able to live independently and contribute to society

  • Show employers and policy makers the important contribution that people with rheumatic diseases are making to the workforce and society, and to encourage them to create a more accessible work environment for people with rheumatic diseases

If you have a rheumatic disease, Picture This invite you to enter a photograph of yourself showing an aspect of your work that is important to you, along with a short sentence on what work means to you, either to the gallery section of Picture This, or, if you are from a country represented within the EULAR membership and wish to enter your image for a chance to have it included in a travelling European Exhibition of the images and win an exciting prize, enter it into the competition.
If you don't have a rheumatic disease then please still check out the website, even vote for a picture that stands out for you... You get one vote per day so if more than picture stands out to you, then you don't need to choose... and it all goes into raising awareness that arthritis is not fussed about who is chooses....

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