Thursday, 14 October 2010

World Arthritis Day Letters

Many people have written letters to the Prime Minister for World Arthritis Day.  Some explaining the impact the condition can have on them, what can be done to make life easier and others including a diary of what each day can bring.  

Below is a letter written by Beth.  

It is a celebration of World Arthritis Day and is written for those with the condition.  Its purpose is to brighten up the darker days when life seems impossible because of the arthritis.  

So friend if right now
you are frustrated because you can’t walk when yesterday you were running
you are struggling to move around the house
an hour ago your pain was only in one part of your body but now it has spread to the whole of your body
you are struggling to sleep
you are struggling at work or you can’t work
today you need your walking stick
you have to ask for help to get out of your chair 
you need a bath and know you won’t be able to without support
you feel a terrible guilt and are carrying a fear that people think you are faking it 
cuddles hurt
standing, sitting, walking, and lying are all painful
you have pain, swelling, fatigue, stiff joints and other symptoms
you feel like you have broken bone pain all over your body
you are grumpy about your arthritis despite your attempts to be happy and nice
you feel that if you ask for help you are a burden 
you feel that by having arthritis people will enjoy your company less
you are afraid of taking strong medication
the medications you take have nasty side effects
you judge yourself for using medications
in the midst of remission you feel afraid of the future
 Wipe away your tears and tell your story to someone close.
Share your burden and let people help you hold your pain.
Now say to yourself
I am surrounded by people happy to help me,
 I am amazing, I am a good person and I have so much to give.
This is me and I am happy to be me.

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