Saturday, 7 May 2011

Reaching New Heights

Living with a long term condition, you find yourself having to push that little bit more to prove yourself... Limits are often put on your ability by other people, simply because you have a disability..

For me, along with many others, I have always been a determined / driven / stubborn* person (*delete where applicable)

If someone has told me I won't be able to do something, most of the time I've proven them wrong...

During my school years I went on a trip to Calshot, an activity centre in Hampshire.  It was a residential course which included things like dry slope skiing, wind-sailing, archery and trampolining...

I wanted to try everything but when it came to track cycling, the headmaster was a bit concerned about me coming off the bike and hurting myself... Kicking up a fuss, eventually he called my Mum to ask her opinion... Luckily Mum was never one to completely wrap me up in cotton wool so I got the opportunity to try it... 

The velodrome at Calshot has particularly steep banking but I kept on the bike and rode it around the track... The feeling was amazing!

Incidentally, when the headmaster got to have his go, he came straight off at the first turn ;)

From that moment, I loved trying new things.....


Zip Wire

Dirt Buggying

I've done abseiling and zip wiring quite a few times... So now its time to up the ante... and do something that will quite literally take my breath away!

The challenge is a tandem skydive... Experiencing the thrill of free falling from around 13,000ft.... 
Initially this will be at a speed of around 120mph before the parachute opens.... *gulp*
The skydive is taking place at RAF Weston, Bicester on Saturday 7th May 2011... The charity I am doing it for is the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS)

I was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis when I was 2 years old.  It is a childhood form of rheumatoid arthritis and affects around 12,000 children under the age of 16.

My goal is to raise £500.00 for the charity and this is where you come in ;)

Any donation, big or small is very much appreciated.... spread the word with friends, family and colleagues...

My JustGiving page is 

If you can't make a donation, then why not come along and show some support on the day... cakes are always welcome ;)

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  1. Wow, skydiving!

    I wish you good luck raising funds!