Friday, 28 May 2010

Its All Go Around Here!!

Its been non-stop! I've truly been a busy little bee!

Not only have I enrolled in Open University, I've since had all my materials through so have been reading up on assignments etc and the start date is now upon me *eek!* Got to talk to my tutor for the first time tonight and she sounds lovely so has definitely put me at ease.  Starting tutorials next week :)

I'm also involved in a local patients participation group called CASAG (Castle Mead and Stoke Golding Action Group)... We work as a liaison between staff and patients, promoting the positive side of health care and wherever possible, encourage people to have an active role in determining their own health and well-being.

We help organise activities and are currently working on a Mens Health morning.  From a personal view, mens health isn't something that makes the headlines.  Most men don't go anywhere near a doctor in their life, and even when they feel quite rough, they soon think it will pass.  Its usually partners nagging that makes them go in the end... (although give them man-flu and everything changes! *hehe*)

Thats why we thought this would be a good opportunity to have an open morning and for men to drop in, have their weight and blood pressure checked, see what BMI (body mass index) they are and check for diabetes...

Now there may be men that go to the gym, watch what they eat and feel perfectly ok.... Its these men in particularly we'd like to drop in because the other part of the open morning is to talk about things like prostate and testicular examination because often these things can go unnoticed and prostate cancer is the most commonest cancer among men.

The thing now is to get to word out so if you or someone you know is based at Castle Mead Medical Centre or Stoke Golding Surgeries, why not pop along - Full details can be found here....

I've also become a bit of a gym bunny.  After getting a GP referral to go, I have now finished my 12wk course and decided to join up on a regular basis.  One good thing about it is, it I'm not tied into any contract so when the winter comes and my joints start playing up, I won't be paying for something I'm not using.  I can go whenever I want, use the pools and take part in any of the classes, whether it be body combat, pilates or aqua aerobics.  

I certainly feel like I have more stamina and hubby has mentioned that my bum is a little firmer *oooooh matron!*

Last Thursday saw me gracing Birmingham with my presence to attend an employment workshop with NRAS (National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society).  The concept of the workshop is to provide information to people with RA on employment law, their rights and what support is available should their condition starting affecting them.  It is very informative, with occupational therapists and employment solicitors giving guidance on their areas retrospectively.  

If you or someone you know is interested then further information can be found on the NRAS WorkWise webpage

Finally moving onto the here and now where today saw me doing my first ever radio show!  It came about completely out of the blue but I definitely enjoyed it :)

It started off on twitter, supporting Lib Dems through their election campaign. Through this I got to know another supporter, Mathew Hulbert who also writes for our local paper and hosts a twice-weekly show on local community radio....

Last week he tweeted (twitter talk for messaging) that he was looking for a co-host for his show and asked if anyone was interested.  Now the only experience I've had of radio is doing an interview for a charity I used to work for but I thought why not!

For those of you who know me, know I have a husky voice.... for those who don't, think Honor Blackman, Joanna Lumley and Mariella Frostrup.  I've been told I have a voice for radio (although some may argue its more a face for radio!) so today was about co-hosting the show with Mathew and seeing how I got on...

Must admit I was so nervous, and think this showed to begin with but once I was more relaxed, and had my cup of tea, I had a fab time :)  Certainly didn't feel shy about talking, heck I have more rabbit than sainsburys but I do need to work on the volume of my voice (little me, little voice)

If you fancy having a listen yourself then you can catch Mathew and I on Friday between 12 and 2pm on

Well thats it from me for now.  I'll keep you posted on how Uni is going etc....

Bye for now!!

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